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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

Winners of the CAPE Acorn Postgraduate Research Award - CAPA 2020

This year, CAPE has received 9 applications from Engineering and Physics departments to enter CAPA 2020 competition.

Six projects have been selected as the winners for this years award:

1. Focal depth tracking for improved 3D Holographic Displays

Researchers: Jamie Lake, Peter Christopher and Ralf Mouthaan

Supervisors: Dr Hannah Joyce, Prof. Tim Wilkinson


2. A wireless power transfer system using High-Temperature Superconducting capacitors

Researchers: Mengyuan Tian, Jiabin Yang

Supervisor: Dr Tim Coombs


3. 3D Deep learning for large scale point cloud process

Researchers: Hanchen Wang

Suppervisor: Prof. Joan Lasenby


4. Mastery of Microchip Technology to Tackle Air Pollution

Researchers: Malar Chellasivalingam

Supervisor: Prof. Ashwin Seshia


5. Three-electrode electrochemical cell with integrated pressure sensor

Researchers: Liam Bird, Dylan Maxwell

Suppervisors: Professors. Caterina Ducati, Andrea Ferrari and Clare Grey


6. Simulation and Modeling of piezoelectric nanoscale resonators for sensing application: Nano Bulk Acoustics Wave Resonators (NBARs)

Researchers: Phoebe Xin Gao, Alkausil Tamboli

Supervisors: Professors Daping Chu and Andrew Flewitt


Every project will receive £2,000 for 6 month research.

The projects will start in the new academic year in September 2020.

The research results will be presented at the CAPE June event 2021.


Congratulations to all winners!