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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

Winners of the CAPE Acorn Postgraduate Award 2019

This year we have five winners of CAPA 2019 award:

Agavi Stavropoulou-Tatla with project 'Drug-Releasing Magnetic Scaffold for Eradication of Post-Surgery Residual Glioblastoma';

Angkur Jyoti Dipanka Shaikeea with project 'Architected cellular metamaterials hold the future of surgical meshes';

Murat Kuscu with project 'Micro/Nanoscale Molecular Communication System with Graphene bioFET-based Receiver towards Internet of Nano Things';

Daoming Dong with project 'Interfacing a high speed ferroelectric spatial light modulator' and

Dean Kos with project 'Integrated Adaptive Exposure Control for Imaging Cameras'.

Congratulations to the winners!