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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

Winners of the CAPE Acorn Post-graduate Research Award 2018

CAPA 2018 Call

We are pleased to announce the outcome of the CAPE Acorn Fund – Post-graduate Research Award 2018 Call.

This year there are four winning projects of the CAPA Award:

1. Development of Sensorized Phantom Organ for Robotic and Medical Applications

     Josie Hughes & P. Maiolino (supervisor Dr Fumiya Iida, Engineering – Div F)

2. A Smart Metasurface Antenna for Application in Radio Frequency Identification

     Ajeck Ndifon (supervisor Prof. Ian White, Engineering – Div B)

3. Flexible Photodetector for Smart Textile Applications

     Shahab Akhavan (supervisor Prof. Andrea Ferrari, Engineering – Div B)

4. Diversity of Natural Photonic Crystals and their Inspirations for Industry

     Yin Chang (supervisor Dr Michelle Oyen, Engineering – Div C)

Congratulations to the winners!