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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


This year, CAPE selected 7 projects to receive the CAPA 2022 award

No Project title Name of applicant Department


Development of device for hepatic electrical stimulation

Santiago Velasco

Eng Div B


Holographic Optical Tweezers on the OpenFlexure Microscopy Platform

Andrew Kadis

Eng Div B


Ultra-scaled 2D materials Field-effect transistors fabricated without nanolithography processing

Xiao Liu,
Xuewei Zhang

Eng Div B


Unsupervised Scene Decomposition from Motion with Implicit Neural Representation

Tianhao Wu (Walter)

Dep of Computer Sci and Technology


Fabrication of Ovenized Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator for Thermal Stabilization

Alkausil Tamboli

Eng Div B


Decoding the link between music and memory using optical neuroimaging and deep neural networks

Sruthi Srinivasan
Emilia Butters

Eng, Div B


Low-cost automation of routine nanofabrication

Teja Potocnik

Eng Div B

Projects will receive £2,000 for a 6 month research project .The projects will start shortly and present their research results to the CAPE Steering Committee

A big thank you to all those who entered and to those who took the time to review their entries, and congratulations to all winners!

More details of the CAPA competition can be found here