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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

CAPA 2021 poster

This year, CAPE received 15 applications to enter the CAPA 2021 competition. These entries came from a record number of University Departments:  Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Clinical Neuroscience, Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Engineering  and Physics, illustrating the growing breadth and popularity of our annual postgraduate research competition.

Five projects were selected by the reviewers as the winners for this year:

1.  Human Cochlear Spiral Ganglion-On-A-Chip

Researchers: Ilkem Sevgili

Supervisors: Prof Manohar Bance,  Prof George Malliaras


2. A Novel Laser Ablation System for the Rapid Mask-less Production of Microfluidic Devices

Researchers: Elliot Medcalf, Peter Christopher             

Supervisors: Prof. Florian Hollfelder, Prof. Tim Wilkinson



3. Intelligent Power Module based on Parallel SiC Dies with Improved Efficiency and EMI Performance

Researchers: Timothy Lackie, Yunlei Jiang

Supervisor: Dr Teng Long



4. Self-configuring networks in high-mobility environments              

Researcher: Marco Caballero Gutierrez          

Supervisor: Prof. John Crowford



5. Hybrid Dielectric-Metal Metasurfaces for Mid-infrared Filtering 

Researcher: Amr Soliman     

Supervisor: Prof. Tim Wilkinson


Every project will receive £2,000 for a 6 month research project .The projects will start shortly and present their research results to the CAPE Steering Committee in October.

A big thank you to all those who entered and to those who took the time to review their entries, and congratulations to all winners!

More details of the CAPA competition can be found here