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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


On 20 October 2022 eight recent Acorn projects gave presentations on the results of  their CAPE Acorn Award projects.

2022 CAPE Acorn Postgraduate Awards


Development of device for hepatic electrical stimulation

Santiago Velasco Bosom


Ultra-scaled 2D materials Field-effect transistors fabricated without nanolithography processing

Xiao Liu, Xuewei Zhang


Unsupervised Scene Decomposition from Motion with Implicit Neural Representation

Tianhao Walter Wu


Decoding the link between music and memory using optical neuroimaging and deep neural networks

Sruthi Srinivasan, Emilia Butters


Low-cost automation of routine nanofabrication

Teja Potocnik


Hybrid Dielectric-Metal Metasurfaces for Mid-infrared Filtering

Amr Soliman

2021 CAPE Acorn Blue Skies Award


High throughput fabrication of photonic nanostructured microparticles from droplet templates

Dr Kate Sanders

Watch the talks on our YouTube channel: