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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


The CAPE June Event including presentations from the winners of CAPE Acorn Awards in the morning and our Symposium on Flexible Electronics for Healthcare in the afternoon. was held on June 17 2021. Presentations from the event cna be watched on our YouTube channel.



09:00 Introduction

09:20-10:20 CAPA Presentations

9:20   Mengyuan Tian, Jiabin Yang: ‘A Wireless Power Transfer System using High Temperature Superconducting Capacitors’

9:40   Liam Bird, Dylan Maxwell: ‘Three-electrode Electrochemical Cell with Integrated Pressure Sensor’

10:00 Malar Chellasivalingam: ‘Mastery of Microchip Technology to Tackle Air Pollution’


10:20-11:45 break (CAPE Steering Committee Meeting)


11:45-12:25 CAUPA Presentations

11:45 Stanislaw Szymanowicz: ‘Anomaly detection and explanation in videos’

12:05 Rahul Swaminathan: ‘High-voltage GAN/SIC brushless DC motor controller for solar-electric vehicles’

12:25-13:05 Blue Skies Presentations

12:25 Dr Jin Li: ‘Large-field-of-view 3D holographic displays using wave-front shaping of multiple light scattering fields’

12:45 Dr Pawan Shrestha: ‘Multi-stable Terra pixel OASLM for the Updatable Holography based 3D Display’


13:30 CAPE Symposium: Flexible Electronics for Healthcare

The presentations are available on YouTube::