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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

CAPA and IIB Award Ceremony 2020

Six CAPA winners and two IIB Award winners have collected their CAPE Acorn certificates and the research prizes.


The ceremony took place via online platform, please see the footage here:


Six CAPA projects of Cambridge PhD students have been selected as the CAPA winners 2020:

1. Focal depth tracking for improved 3D Holographic Displays

Researchers: Jamie Lake, Peter Christopher and Ralf Mouthaan

Supervisors: Dr Hannah Joyce, Prof. Tim Wilkinson


2. A wireless power transfer system using High-Temperature Superconducting capacitors

Researchers: Mengyuan Tian, Jiabin Yang

Supervisor: Dr Tim Coombs


3. 3D Deep learning for large scale point cloud process

Researchers: Hanchen Wang

Suppervisor: Prof. Joan Lasenby


4. Mastery of Microchip Technology to Tackle Air Pollution

Researchers: Malar Chellasivalingam

Supervisor: Prof. Ashwin Seshia


5. Three-electrode electrochemical cell with integrated pressure sensor

Researchers: Liam Bird, Dylan Maxwell

Suppervisors: Professors. Caterina Ducati, Andrea Ferrari and Clare Grey


6. Simulation and Modeling of piezoelectric nanoscale resonators for sensing application: Nano Bulk Acoustics Wave Resonators (NBARs)

Researchers: Phoebe Xin Gao, Alkausil Tamboli

Supervisors: Professors Daping Chu and Andrew Flewitt

Two IIB Projects of undergraduate engineering students were selected as CAUPA 2020 winners: 

1. Stanislaw Szymanowicz: Anomaly detection and explanation in videos

2. Rahul Swaminathan: High voltage GAN/SIC brushless DC motor controller for solar-electric vehicles.