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CAPE issues Call for Expressions of Interest for Grand Challenge: Systems and Devices for Healthcare

The CAPE Grand Challenge: Systems and Devices for Healthcare is a competition for project outlines aligned with the strategic research theme proposed by CAPE partner GSK Consumer Healthcare. The winning submissions will be developed into full CAPE project proposals in collaboration with GSK (which may involve other CAPE Partners), leading to a seed project. Priority will be given to smaller research proposals that lay the groundwork for larger, future investigations.  We also support cross-disciplinary collaboration and strongly encourage applications that involve participation from the School of Clinical Medicine. 

Up to £100k funding is available, we expect to fund 2 or 3 proposals for short term (3-6 month) seed projects with budget in range £30k-£50k.

Deadline: May 27 2022

Research Topics

GSK Consumer Healthcare currently has a particular interest in the following areas:

  1. The translation of physiological data and measurements to meaningful insights and actions a patient or consumer can take to improve their health outcomes, e.g. statistical analysis of changes in hormone levels over time and associated symptoms to provide a consumer with insights into their health interventions based on objective measurement.
  2. The physiological and psychological effects of stress. In particular, use of biomarkers to objectively measure of stress acuity and identify changes in mood and thought
  3. Oral health as a route to improve general healthcare e.g. Salivanomics - using saliva samples to assess health issues; blood samples–gum bleeding can be a symptom of oral health issues, and the blood itself could be analysed further; other devices e.g. smart tooth floss, breath measurements, orthodontic sensor etc. to measure bacterial, viral, chemical levels
  4. Devices or systems that use sample free measurement to measure physiological biomarkers directly through the human body (e.g. wearables to monitor physiological stress responses
  5. Physiological measurement and health monitoring for women's hormonal health e.g. physiological and biological impacts associated with hormonal health conditions or phases such as menopause, endometriosis, PCOS; monitoring outcomes; offering personalised solutions for these conditions.
  6. The physiological impacts and implications of microbiome populations for everyday wellness, stress and hormone balance. In particular, how to measure, analyse and deliver meaningful impact through insights gained.

Proposals outside these areas, in general consumer healthcare are equally welcome.


£1,000 bonus will be awarded to the submitter of a Grand Challenge proposal that is developed into a project with a CAPE Partner. 


The competition is open to researchers and academics in the University of Cambridge. Each submission must include one applicant (i.e. the submitter or a co-investigator) who is eligible for PI status within the University. CAPE is committed to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality, which promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity. We actively encourage applications from all under-represented groups.

Further Information

There will be an opportunity to find out more about the objectives of the call and GSK Consumer Healthcare research interests at the CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture ‘Consumer Healthcare - Finding Research that Changes the World’ on Wednesday May 4 at 2 pm in the CGC Seminar Room, and online  details

More details

For more details of the call and to download your application form, please visit CAPE Grand Challenge: Systems and Devices for Healthcare 2022


'Consumer Healthcare - Finding Research that Changes the World'

CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture

Wednesday, May 4 2022 14:00
CGC Seminar Room and online

Speakers: Philip...