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CAPE Grand Challenge 2021 call deadline 29 January 2021

last modified Dec 15, 2020 09:49 AM
CAPE has issued a call for Grand Challenge project outlines with a deadline for submission of 29 January 2021.

The Grand Challenge project outlines should be aligned with themes proposed by the CAPE partners. The winning submissions will be developed into full CAPE project proposals in collaboration with one (or more) CAPE Partners; this could lead to a seed project (i.e. ‘proof-of-concept’) or a larger project as appropriate. The competition is open to researchers and academics in the University of Cambridge.

£1,000 will be awarded for a Grand Challenge submission that is developed into a project proposal with a CAPE Partner. The Acorn Fund will fund a maximum of four awards. CAPE reserves the right not to issue an award if the criteria for the project are not fulfilled and there is no guarantee that the project proposal will be funded.

All research project proposals resulting from the CAPE Grand Challenge between the winner and partner/s will follow standard CAPE project approval procedures and will operate under the terms of the CAPE Partnership Agreement.

Research Topics

Your proposal should address one of the following areas:

  1. High density distributed optical fibre temperature/strain aliasing signal decoupling technology (more detailed description of this topic here).
  2. Autonomous positioning technology based on random images (more detailed description of this topic here).
  3. Optical polarization-independent large-angle beam-steering and beam-splitting technologies with fast switching time.
  4. Novel LiDAR beam steering solutions.


The competition is open to researchers and academics in the University of Cambridge. Each submission must include one applicant eligible for PI status within the University.

More information

For more details and to download an application form, please visit: