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CAPE Mission:

To invent and develop, through multidisciplinary research, materials, processes, components and systems; define the future strategy and market implementation; and set the industry agendas for the convergence of photonic and electronic technology platforms.

CAPE Vision:

CAPE’s objective is threefold: technology advancements through landscaping and project work, business opportunities between Partner companies and outreach activities to a wider community.

CAPE delivers Technology from Science. We do this by accessing world leading expertise in every branch of engineering and science at Cambridge University and by collaborative work with the support of cutting edge R&D facilities in the CAPE Building, home of the University’s Electrical Engineering Division. We are energetic collaborators, driven by results and focused on novel ideas for early stage intellectual properties.

CAPE promotes Open Innovation through its Partnership. We operate under the CAPE Partnership Agreement (CPA), as endorsed by a number of major industrial Partner companies for the purpose of jointly commissioned research and development. We are trusted by global companies to convert thought leadership to industrial applications.

CAPE creates Business Opportunities and Future Vision. CAPE Partners are world leading players strategically positioned in the supply chain network. Their engagement with CAPE provides a unique opportunity to interact and to broaden each other’s views. This enables all of us to make a greater impact on society and further enhance the business value of our enterprises.

CAPE’s approach is to invent and develop through multidisciplinary research at all levels from materials, processes, components, systems to customer expectation; to define future strategy and market implementation; to set the industry agendas for the convergence of technology platforms; and to be involved in policy making and regulatory work and contribute to societal needs.

CAPE looks forward to an exciting future building on past success with increased synergy between CAPE Partners and an enhanced vision for technology invention, business creation and outreach impact.

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Blue Sky Talk: Dr Kun Li - Solid-State Holographic LiDAR with 360 Degree Field of View

Oct 05, 2020

Blue Sky Talk on 12 October 10:30: Dr Kun Li - Solid-State Holographic LiDAR with 360 Degree Field of View

CAPE Lecture by Prof. Patrick Langdon on CAPE project on AI with Jaguar Land Rover

Oct 05, 2020

CAPE Lecture on 12 October: Prof. Patrick Langdon - 'Working with Jaguar Land Rover on Artificial Intelligence CAPE projects on Predictive touchscreens, human-machine interface in automotive industry'.

Contactless touch technology developed by CAPE and Jaguar Land Rover to help fight bacteria and viruses

Jul 27, 2020

A ‘no-touch touchscreen’ developed for use in cars could also have widespread applications in a post-COVID-19 world, by reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens on surfaces.

Call for CAPE Acorn Blue Sky Award 2020

Jun 30, 2020

CAPE invites engineering postdoctoral researchers, either individually or in a small team, to submit Blue Sky research ideas for a 1-year project on any engineering-related topic.

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