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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Support for the CAPE model of academic-industry collaboration from senior members of the University of Cambridge


The mission of Cambridge University is to contribute to society. To make this contribution – especially at scale - the University needs to collaborate with world-class organisations. Organisations that want to take ideas and insights being developed in the University and use them to improve the products and services they offer. CAPE is a great model to enable such collaboration. Bringing together world leading firms with researchers in the University, CAPE supports collaboration and research that makes a real difference.

Prof. Andy Neely   DPCProfessor Andy Neeley
Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Enterprise and Business Relations, University of Cambridge


CAPE has had an immense and lasting impact on my research, stimulating new ideas, making possible innovative research, and providing the lasting support and industrial expertise to allow ideas to be turned into real engineering solutions that have impact. In my view, CAPE has been an outstanding success and I pay great tribute to its leaders and industrial partners for their excellence.

whiteProfessor Ian White
Formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath

The strength of Cambridge University Engineering Department is built on a combination of pure research excellence and external relationships that enable us to focus our work and apply it effectively. CAPE has pioneered the development of industry- university research collaborations and has inspired many other consortia in Cambridge and beyond. It remains an exemplar as it continues to nurture young innovators, drive fundamental research and deliver commercial impact.

r.pragerProfessor Richard Prager
Head of Cambridge University Engineering Department

CAPE has been at the heart of the Electrical Engineering Division in Cambridge for over a decade. Its unique structure allows industry partners not only to tackle major research challenges with academics in the University but with each other as well. This collaborative environment has delivered real economic benefits to the industrial partners, enabled outstanding research in the University and helped to inspire new generations of professional engineers. I have no doubt that the collaborative CAPE ethos will continue to flourish in the years ahead.

Andrew FlewittProfessor Andrew Flewitt
Head of Electrical Engineering Division, Cambridge University Engineering Departmen

The CAPE initiative has been a pioneer in fostering the University–industry relationship in a successful way. CAPE has been an example for other academics in the University to liaise with industrial partners and form a long-term relation.

Lisa Wears
Assistant Director of Technology, Research Operations Office, University of Cambridge

CAPE is an excellent model for collaboration between the University and industrial partners, Cambridge Enterprise values in particular the long term partnerships which allow exploration of routes to market for leading edge, early stage technology originating in the University.

Dr Malcolm Grimshaw
Head of Physical Sciences, Cambridge Enterprise