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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Technology from science

  • Work with world leading scientists and engineers to develop innovative science into practical solutions that can be applied by your company
  • Jointly commission research for the benefit of the CAPE Partner companies with direct control through representation on the CAPE Steering Committee
  • Projects are supported by access to the cutting-edge R&D facilities within the Electrical Engineering division

Established governance structure

  • Management of CAPE  is by the Steering Committee with equal voting rights for the CAPE Partners and the University
  • The CAPE Partnership Agreement (CPA) provides fair IP terms agreed between the university and CAPE partner
  • Our pre-determined terms and conditions allow for fast project approval
  • The CAPE Office provides dedicated support to partner projects and interests

Gateway to Cambridge

  • CAPE is a gateway to all areas of the University of Cambridge, including researchers in the Department of Engineering, Cavendish Laboratory, The Computer Lab, Chemistry Department, Materials Science and others
  • Research themes covered by CAPE researchers include AI, Batteries, Big Data, Energy, Healthcare, Graphene, Sensors, etc.
  • CAPE’s track record has established its reputation among academics and the wider University, facilitating good collaborations with Partner Companies


  • The CAPE Partners have non-competitive market positions by design, so there are potential business opportunities between partners with a mutual interest in exploiting a technology.

Other Benefits

  • Exchange scientists and engineers between industrial and academic partners, through our  embedded researcher scheme
  • Expand CAPE projects by leveraging the industrial funds invested through CAPE via external sponsors such as the UK government
  • Membership of CAPE provides networking benefits from existing links between Cambridge University and other academic centres, in both the UK and elsewhere.