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Advantages of working with CAPE

Technology from science

  • Work with world leading scientists and engineers to develop innovative science into practical solutions that can be applied by your company
  • Jointly commission research for the benefit of the CAPE Partner companies with direct control through representation on the CAPE Steering Committee
  • Projects are supported by access to the cutting-edge R&D facilities within the Electrical Engineering division

Established governance structure

  • Management of CAPE  is by the Steering Committee with equal voting rights for the CAPE Partners and the University
  • The CAPE Partnership Agreement (CPA) provides fair IP terms agreed between the university and CAPE partner
  • Our pre-determined terms and conditions allow for fast project approval
  • The CAPE Office provides dedicated support to partner projects and interests

Gateway to Cambridge

  • CAPE is a gateway to all areas of the University of Cambridge, including researchers in the Department of Engineering, Cavendish Laboratory, The Computer Lab, Chemistry Department, Materials Science and others
  • Research themes covered by CAPE researchers include AI, Batteries, Big Data, Energy, Healthcare, Graphene, Sensors, etc.
  • CAPE’s track record has established its reputation among academics and the wider University, facilitating good collaborations with Partner Companies


  • The CAPE Partners have non-competitive market positions by design, so there are potential business opportunities between partners with a mutual interest in exploiting a technology.

Other Benefits

  • Exchange scientists and engineers between industrial and academic partners, through our  embedded researcher scheme
  • Expand CAPE projects by leveraging the industrial funds invested through CAPE via external sponsors such as the UK government
  • Membership of CAPE provides networking benefits from existing links between Cambridge University and other academic centres, in both the UK and elsewhere.

For any company that wishes to work with University of Cambridge, the partnership with CAPE is an excellent way of leveraging the world-class research staff and facilities at the University of Cambridge

Ashutosh Tomar, Jaguar Land Rover