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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture on Wednesday, 26 May 2021  at 13:00

Sony R&D research interest: Advanced Display and Photonics Technology

Speakers: Koichi Amari (SGC RDC TL05 Senior Device Researcher) and Klaus Zimmermann (SEU TPE General Manager)



Sony’s purpose is simple. We aim to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. We want to be responsible for getting hearts racing, stirring ambition, and putting a smile on the faces of our customers. That challenge, combined with our spirit of innovation, motivates us to create groundbreaking technology, entertainment, and services for people worldwide. With University of Cambridge, we want to explore the possibilities of photonics technology and its entire applications. This talk will introduce recent research topics related to displays and photonics, as well as Sony's open innovation activities.



Koichi Amari, MEng Kyoto University, has been working with Semiconductor Industries in Sony R&D since 2007. He worked in developing advanced CMOS platform for Game LSI and CMOS Image Sensor, TAOS TFT device for Large OLED display and, LCOS device for digital cinema projectors.  His current research interests include phase-only LCOS, digital holography for future displays and laser processing.


Klaus Zimmermann has joined Sony R&D at the Stuttgart Technology (STC) office in 1996 after having received a Master of Science degree from Iowa State University as a Fulbright Scholar. He subsequently worked on the design and implementation of video processing algorithms on VLIW cores for embedded systems. He was an expatriate at the Sony US Research Labs in San Jose from 1998 to 2000 developing ATSC software decoders. After returning back to Stuttgart Klaus launched the development of real-time image and video processing software modules implemented on x86 and GPUs for VAIO PCs. In 2006 Klaus started camera-related R&D activities at STC and investigated the field of computational photography as a frontrunner in Sony.

Since 2010 Klaus is heading a team of technology scouts and analysts at Sony Europe as a General Manager of the “Technology Partnerships Europe” group with the objective to accelerate innovation in corporate R&D and the various business units in Sony by introducing complementary external technologies. One of the key topics in his team is photonics applied to image sensors, displays and communications.

Wednesday, 26 May, 2021 - 13:00
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