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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture

Material Futures

Speaker: Professor Stefan Hofmann  University of Cambridge

Wednesday, July 13 2022 14:00

EEDB Seminar Room, Electrical Engineering Building, Cambridge and online


Integrated growth of nanomaterials is at the heart of emerging technology, it is the current bottleneck and the key future enabler. Yet, such processing remains empirical, trial-and-error. We developed cross-correlative operando probing capability to reveal the underlying mechanisms, including open and closed cell approaches for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy and XPS, now accessible via UCam user facilities. While the previous focus has been to sample select process conditions, this talk will focus on our efforts to access and fast screen the entirety of the vast, interconnected parameter space. I will discuss results and ideas for high-throughput experimentation to significantly accelerate CVD-based reaction design and to introduce data intensive science approaches. The paradigm change to synthesis design changes the notion of quality of a material away from a narrow, universal descriptor toward a more holistic understanding and system thinking that enables tailoring integrated material solutions to individual application needs. Our ambition here hence goes beyond initial synthesis and heterogeneous material integration, to dynamic changes that can affect or define functionality, stability and lifetime analysis, safety and sustainability.>


Stephan Hofmann is Professor of Nanotechnology at the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, and Director of the NanoDTC Doctoral Training Centre in Nanotechnology ( His research group ( works on the application driven exploration of new device materials, bridging from fundamental discovery and characterisation of properties to functional ;


Wednesday, 13 July, 2022 - 14:00
Event location: 
CGC Seminar Room (190), Electrical Engineering Building - and online