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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture

Introduction of Huawei Cambridge research center and research on optoelectronics

Wednesday, October 26 14:00

EEDB Seminar Room, Electrical Engineering Building, Cambridge and online

Speakers: Hanhau (Denny) Deng and Quan (Quentin) Lyu Huawei Cambridge Research Centre


Huawei is a global leading provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. The investment in R&D is listed No.2 in all the companies. Huawei is trying to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. In 2012, Huawei Technologies R&D UK is established, and there are 4 main research centres in Cambridge, Ipswich, Edinburgh, and London with the investment and development in 20 years. On the optoelectronics field, Huawei R&D UK has invested the R&D not only on the chips and modules of the telecommunication system, but the devices on consumer business as well. Huawei are quite open to embrace the advanced and new technologies and to find a solution to use these technologies into our new products which make convenient and better life for human beings.


Hanhua(Denny) Deng, Director of Huawei Cambridge RC
Denny DENG joined Huawei-Hisilicon in 2006, and always worked in digital circuit design, implementation and physical implementation. He was the director of Huawei Cambridge Research Centre since Jan/2021 and will go back to China soon. In 2020, he built up a computer architecture research lab in Zurich.

Quan (Quentin) Lyu, PhD. Technology Planning Expert of Huawei
Quan (Quentin) Lyu got his PhD from Fudan University in 2014, and then worked in Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen as a postdoctor researcher. From 2017, he joined Huawei Technologies as a senior engineer, principal engineer, project manager, technology planning manager subsequently. He has published 13 research papers as coauthor, and held 7 patents.

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Wednesday, 26 October, 2022 - 14:00
Event location: 
EEDB Seminar Room, Electrical Engineering Building - and online