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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


CAPE Advanced Technology Lecture

Backscatter communication for the next billion devices

Wednesday, August 17 14:00

EEDB Seminar Room, Electrical Engineering Building, Cambridge and online

Speaker: Dr Michael Crisp University of Cambridge


A huge level of growth in wireless sensors is predicted with the expansion of the internet of things. However, many sensors will be very constrained by the power which they can harvest to sense, process and transmit information. In many cases conventional radios make up the vast majority of this energy use and duty cycling must be employed. Backscatter communication offers an alternative ultra low power communication which is achieved by takings most of the radio functions away from the sensor nodes into an interrogator. I will show how this idea can be extended to remove other power hungry elements from sensors and discuss the wider system level implications and challenges


Michael Crisp is an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University. His research interests include ultra low power radio and radio over fibre systems.


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Wednesday, 17 August, 2022 - 14:00
Event location: 
EEDB Seminar Room, Electrical Engineering Building - and online