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CRRC Zhuzhou Institute



In recent years, the photonic and electronic technology develops rapidly and merges with other related technologies such as information, semiconductor, multi-medium and electromechanical technology. The photonic and electronic application has been extending from consumer electronics market to energy, urban transportation and infrastructure field, forming the photonic and electronic industry of enormous market capability.

As a global leading supplier of rail transit equipment, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute always adheres to the development strategy of “science and technology oriented”, forming the industrial distribution covering electric driving and automation, polymer composite material application, new energy equipment and power electronic devices, of which there exists very high technology synergy with the research topics that CAPE is engaging in, especially in the following domain or project.

– free-space and in fibre optical communication
– head-up display
– bi-stable trans-reflective panel/films
– power electronics

We hope to build the connection between the cutting-edge technology of CAPE and our products such as:

– Onboard displayer
– Passenger entertainment and information system
– High power electronic components
– Train communication and control

to improve the informatisation of rail transit equipment; to offer customer a better performance, more-friendly human-machine interface, and higher efficient and environmentally friendly high-end products and services.

CRRC Zhuzhou Institute believes the participation in CAPE would bring us a precious opportunity of cooperation with the University of Cambridge which owns world-class reputation and R&D capability, and a great possibility of transforming these cutting-edge technologies into practical industrial solution. Meanwhile, the partnership with the world-leading enterprises of CAPE would enhance our mutual communication at multiple levels, and make our industrial synergy and cooperation possible.