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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics

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Company Overview

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a British multinational automotive company with its headquarters based in Whitley, Coventry. The primary activity of Jaguar Land Rover is the design, development, manufacture and sale of vehicles bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marques.

Both marques have a long and complex history prior to their merger with Jaguar going back to the 1930s and Land Rover to the 1940s. Their first collaboration together took place in 1968 as part of the British Leyland conglomerate.

Jaguar Land Rover has three research and development facilities in the UK:

  • Gaydon in Warwickshire — This engineering and development facility was acquired by British Leyland and redeveloped as a vehicle design, development and testing centre. Prior to this, the location was an RAF bomber base. Part of this site is also the Aston Martin headquarters, which holds the development centre and factory.
  • Whitley in Coventry — This is also an engineering and development site and headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover, formerly the location of the Jaguar Cars head office.
  • Jaguar Land Rover is a partner in the National Automotive Innovation Centre at the University of Warwick, Coventry.
  • Jaguar Land Rover’s mission is to develop innovative technological solutions focused on electronic or photonic systems and components that can benefit both automotive globally and the wider industrial community. These solutions could comprise solving technological problems that exist today in the industry, or creating new technology to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of the modern day consumer.

Collaboration with CAPE

Jaguar Land Rover’s vision for CAPE bases itself around a number of key principles and the development of new and exciting technology that will complement our brands:

  • Jaguar — Dramatically beautiful cars that feel like no other
  • Land Rover — Capability with Composure

The areas we see addressed initially through development of electronic and photonic solutions at CAPE are:

  • Enhancement of the driving experience
  • Enhanced safety of vehicle occupants
  • Reduced driver distraction and workload
  • Accommodating the growing demand for information processing

Jaguar Land Rover have a well-defined research agenda and roadmap. They believe CAPE can enhance the depth and breadth of research and knowledge building in the following topical areas:

  • Human Vehicle Interaction
  • Vehicle Capability
  • Design Enabling Technology
  • Low Carbon Propulsion / Kinetic Energy Recovery
  • Energy Efficiency and Parasitics
  • Light Weight Vehicles
  • Product Life Cycle

Jaguar Land Rover sees participation in CAPE as  a significant step in growing a partnership with the University of Cambridge, engaging world-class scientists and engineers in the topics suggested, and bringing their expertise into the development of practical solutions. Similarly, engagement with the other industrial CAPE Partners will strengthen mutual understanding and energise the development of knowledge, technology or ideas to create solutions and roadmaps of benefit to all parties.