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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Company Overview

BIACD was a partner in CAPE until 30 September 2023

BIACD is involved in the development of fibre optic sensors, satellite communication system and IoT system, used in Chinese smart grid as well as in petroleum, emergency communication and intellectual manufacturing. They have 3400 employees, of which more than 40% have a postgraduate degree or higher.

The company’s mission is to develop advanced technologies using photoelectric sensors and IT integration in pursuit of being a first-rate industrial company in China and the world.

BIACD and CAPE worked together and efficiently finished the prototype and network test of smart in-building wireless system. At the present, this project is in industrial condition. At the same time, BIACD and CAPE strive to make technological breakthrough on fibre optic cable development, optoelectronic oscillator and smart manufacturing system, which lays a good foundation for the following product research and industrial development