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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


The CAPE Steering Committee (SC) is the arbiter of every aspect of CAPE activity. It comprises leading academics representing the University and senior representatives of each of the Partner companies. Each Partner company has an equal vote on the SC, and the total number of votes from the academic SC members matches the total number of Partner company votes, with the SC Chairman (chosen from the academic members) holding the casting vote.

Professor Daping Chu

Director of CAPE

Professor  Richard Penty

Chairman of CAPE


CAPE Steering Committee Members

Gehan Amaratunga 

Daping Chu

Andrew Flewitt

Philip Guildford

Daphne Ioannidis

Richard Penty 

Richard Prager

John Robertson 


Wei Wang

Yating Zhang 


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Jianghua Feng

Catherine Huang 


Huawei Logo


Michael Hill-King

Hong Zhou 

GSK Logo  

Tom Watt

Angelos Echiadis