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CAPE (Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics)

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CAPE Overview

The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) is a unique form of joint partnership between the University of Cambridge and a number of strategic companies of international importance in the supply chain for the photonics and electronics industries. Its aim is to explore the synergy in research activities for inventions, business interactions for commercial exploitation and outreach opportunities in different business sectors, government organisations and society.

CAPE is established around Cambridge University‘s world-leading facilities and expertise in electronics and photonics. It is housed within the University’s Electrical Engineering Division although its activities are not confined to the Engineering Department.

The CAPE partnership is defined by a CAPE Partnership Agreement (CPA) on which all CAPE strategy and procedures are based. Through joint governance and joint sponsored research, the CAPE Partnership has developed a research portfolio at the cutting edge of contemporary technology with very significant societal relevance in its focus on topical areas such as the Built Environment and business cost reduction. CAPE and its CPA are constantly evolving to adapt to internal and external environmental needs with the aim of enhancing academic research and creating added value for business.

This phase of CAPE, which began on 1 April 2011, will build on its successful first phase and integrate with a wider area of the academic community; with a wider range of business enterprises including small and medium companies, thereby reflecting current trends in the industrial landscape in the UK; and with a broad range of organisations.

Please click here to download a one-page summary of CAPE.