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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Postulate: CAPE must sustain an oversight of the materials and process needs of the broader electronics and photonics markets. Through a technology focus this requires a strong engagement in understanding the manufacturing processes, as well as the materials physics and chemistry and the influence of process variables and methods on component and system performance (inclusive of cost). Furthermore, as new physics or materials sciences offer new opportunities, this TFG will maintain a competence to consider how this may enable new approaches to solutions in technology for the electronics and photonics sectors.

There will be a broad adherence to the CAPE-established principles of securing an oversight of the concerns of the supply-chain and value-chain participants in this market.

The TFG will ensure that it maintains an appropriate level of due diligence and secure confidentiality of its discussions and reports appropriate to the circumstances.

Cambridge University (CU) is very well respected in the field of radical materials advances and also in manufacturing paradigms, particularly in respect of the low temperature deposition and additive process evolution. This is very well supported by several of the expertise groupings such as the Cambridge Integrated Knowledge Centre (CIKC), Nanotechnology Centre etc. In order to sustain the necessary level of competency in the TFG, active support for the discussions will be sought from participants drawn from the wider community, both CU and industrial, to the extent that this may be kept within the CAPE needs to sustain due diligence and good control of intellectual property.

The TFG will sustain an expertise and report advances in the field to the CAPE principals. Through regular specialist meetings it will generate specific advice, vision statements and strategic guidance for the CAPE programmes and projects as well as the CAPE Partners. If agreed, these may be published subject to approval processes at CAPE Steering Committee level.