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Devices & User Interfaces

Devices & User Interfaces

Postulate: The cross-supply chain relationship between the CAPE Partners offers a unique opportunity to take an overview of the developments in the display, sensors & user interfaces industries in general, to ensure that the research projects undertaken are timely and effective in building a basis of intellectual property, technology demonstrations and prototypes to facilitate business development cases in our CAPE Partner companies.

The display industry constitutes a large and strategic part of the global photonics market and is important to the business interests of the CAPE Partners. It is also an area where both the UK generally and Cambridge University in particular have in-depth skills and long established strong core competence e.g. in active matrix circuitry, liquid crystals, OLED and field emission technology.

Significant developments proceeding within CAPE and the sister projects of the Cambridge Integrated Knowledge Centre (CIKC) now include: next generation active matrix technologies (organic and inorganic) for plastic display structures, holographic image projection devices using liquid crystal over silicon (LCOS), investigations of liquid crystal laser technology for potential applications display systems, bright reflective colour systems for electronic posters and signage and electronic print displays, and novel CMOS sensors.

The degree of success achieved could now, (subject to the judgment of the CAPE Partners and the TFG Chairmen), enable us to influence the industry bodies that are setting the future agenda.