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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Postulate: It is desirable for CAPE to maintain a broad reaching knowledge and influence in the field of optical and electronic communications. This should embrace all of guided wave/signal (wired, traces and optical waveguides and microwave coaxial or waveguide communications) and free- space (‘optical’ and ‘wireless’, point-to-point and broadcast) signaling in the deployment of both telecommunications and data communications systems.

There will be a broad adherence to the CAPE-established principles of securing an oversight of the concerns of the supply-chain and value-chain participants in this market.

The TFG will ensure that it maintains an appropriate level of due diligence and secure confidentiality of its discussions and reports appropriate to the circumstances.

To the extent that this is already a very large activity pursued through the research interests of CAPE and the Electrical Engineering and other Divisions of Cambridge University Engineering Department, and is also more generally a strong core competence in the wider university, it is proposed that the Communications and Systems TFG will seek expertise from within and without CAPE to secure a knowledgeable community of interest to participate in the discussion and review of CAPE strategy in this area. In certain cases this wider community will also be invited to participate in project review.

The CAPE Communications and Systems TFG will review and have oversight of the proposed communications test-bed, together with low-cost telecom and networking solutions, and their usage by CAPE Partners and others. The TFG will produce reports and guidance on key developments or trends in the field. These will be provided to the CAPE principals and published, subject to approval processes at CAPE Steering Committee level.