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CAPE is embedded in the University of Cambridge Electrical Engineering Division which is housed in the CAPE Building. This custom built facility opened in 2006 with funding from the UK Higher Education Funding Council that was primed by committed funding from the CAPE industrial Strategic Partners.

The CAPE building offers world-leading photonics and electronics research and prototype development facilities under one roof. The facilities and equipment available all fall under the Electrical Engineering Division and in many instances have been provided by CAPE.

Within Electrical Engineering there is almost 5,000m2 of research, clean room and laboratory space for R&D work. The cleanroom facilities, located at the top of the building on a single floor, are ranked above many in corporate ownership and in other academic centres of excellence:

Class 100 (140m2), Class 1,000 (140m2), Class10,000 (160m2) and Grey Area access (140m2).

For details of the research facilities available in the Electrical Engineering Divsion, please click here