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List of recent CAPE Lecturers

CAPE Advanced Technology Lectures since 2013


Prof. Patrick Langdon  (Prof. of Engineering Design, Transport, Edinburgh Napier University) “Working with Jaguar Land Rover - CAPE Partnership Projects on Artificial Intelligence - Predictive Touch in Automotive Industry” (2020) (Lecture video here)

Prof. Zhong You  (Prof. of Engineering Science, University of Oxford) “Structures & Materials Inspired by Origami” (2019)

Prof. Peter Shien Kuei Liaw (Distinguished Professor & Vice Dean of NTUST, President of Taiwan Optical Society and Secretary General of the Taiwan Photonics Society) “Free space optic WDM bidirectional transmission: Design and Evaluation” (2018)

Dr Bryan Reimer (Research Scientist at MIT AgeLab, Associate Director of The New England University Transportation Center) “A robot in my driveway?” (2018)

Dr Andreas Georgiou (Research Engineer at Microsoft) “Near Eye Displays - HoloLens” (2017)

Yupar Myint  (Head of Programme, Impulse - for Tech Innovators, University of Cambridge) “The role of serial entrepreneurs in Cambridge ecosystem” (2017)

Tish Shute (Director of AR/VR, Corporate Technology Strategy, Huawei USA) “XR and The Future of Communications: From Silicon to Human Photonics” (2016)

Prof. Malgorzata Kujawinska (University of Warsaw) “Different faces of digital holography: from displays to holographic tomography”  (2016)

Dr David Cole (Reader in Mechanical Engineering, University of Cambridge) “Driver-vehicle dynamics and the internal model hypothesis” (2016)

Prof Jong Min Kim (Prof. of Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge) “Nanotechnologies and its convergence for the applications” (2016)

Prof. Ashwin Seshia (Prof. of Microsystems Technology, University of Cambridge) “Vibration energy harvesting for low-power autonomous sensing” (2016)

Carlos Lee (General Director, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium) “Photonics, Enabling the Next Revolutions” (2015)

Dr Michael Campbell (Particle physicist from CERN) “ Hybrid pixel detectors – from hunting the Higgs Boson to medical X‐ray imaging” (2015)

Andrew Foster and Dr Lee Skrypchuk (Chief Engineer and Research Engineer at Jagaur Land Rover) “Jaguar Land Rover - Technology Trends and Future Direction” (2014)

Dr Thomas Popham and Kris Kobylinski (Research Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover) “Self Learning Car” (2014)