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Acorn Fund Feedback

Please tell us about your experience of a CAPE Acorn Fund Award, where the project has led to and what additional support could be offered to help future winners make successful projects

After funding over 40 projects from the CAPE Acorn Fund over the last 6 years, we thought it was a good opportunity to review the successes of the programme and look at how we can offer more effective support for future award winners to ensure that success continues. Thank you for helping us by providing some updates on what has happened since your award and your views on how  best to help future projects.

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Was your project a CAUPA, CAPA or Blue Sky Award  

What sector do you currently work in

Tell us about your experience of the Acorn Awards
How could we support future Acorn projects?
We are currently looking at how we can improve support for future award winners. Some of the ideas being explored are listed below, please give us your views and suggestions on what we can do to make future projects most likely to succeed and maximise benefits to Acorn award winners
Project mentor   Would a member of staff acting as project mentor be helpful

Training Courses Would it be useful to have skills development training available, and if so on which topics

Thanks for your input, it will make a valuable contribution to the future success of the CAPE Acorn programme.