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Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics


Postdoctoral Blue Sky Award

Dr Jin Li

Large field of view 3D holographic displays using wavefront shaping of multiple lightscattering fields (2019)

Dr Matt Pryn and Dr Pawan Shrestha

Multi-stable terapixel OASLM for the updatable holography-based 3D display (2019)

Dr Kun Li

Solid-state holographic LiDAR with a 360° field of view (2018)

Dr Wei Tan

Structural supercapacitors using hybrid carbon fibre/carbon nanotube composites (2017)

Dr Özgür Yöntem and Dr Kun Li

Full 360° 3D light-field capture and display system (2016)

Dr Guofang Zhong

Liquid crystal on Si with carbon nanotube IC driver (2016)

CAPE Postgraduate Award (CAPA)

Liam Bird and Dylan Maxwell

Three-electrode electrochemical cell with integrated pressure sensor (2020)

Malar Chellasivalingam

Mastery of microchip technology to tackle air pollution (2020)

Phoebe Gao and Alkausil Tamboli

Simulation and modelling of piezoelectric nanoscale resonators for sensing application: nano bulk acoustics wave resonators (NBARs) (2020)

Jamie Lake, Peter Christopher and Ralf Mouthaan

Focal depth tracking for improved 3D holographic displays (2020)

Mengyuan Tian and Jiabin Yang

A wireless power transfer system using high-temperature superconducting capacitors (2020)

Hanchen Wang

3D deep learning for large scale point cloud process (2020)

Daoming Dong

Interfacing a high-speed ferroelectric spatial light modulator (2019)

Dean Kos

Integrated adaptive exposure control for imaging cameras (2019)

Murat Kuscu

Micro/nanoscale molecular communication system with graphene bioFET-based receiver towards Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) (2019)

Angkur Jyoti Dipanka Shaikeea

Architected cellular metamaterials hold the future of surgical meshes (2019)

Agavi Stavropoulou-Tatla

Drug-releasing magnetic scaffold for eradication of post-surgery residual glioblastoma (2019)

Shahab Akhavan

Flexible photodetector for smart textile applications (2018)

Yin Chang

Diversity of natural photonic crystals and their inspirations for industry (2018)

Josie Hughes

Development of sensorized phantom organ for robotic and medical applications (2018)

Ajeck Ndifon

A smart metasurface antenna for application in radio frequency identification (2018)

Isabella Mielle and Oliver Burton

Speech-to-braille communicator for deafblind people (2017)

Tien Chun Wu

Development of multi-sensor platform for real-time air quality monitoring (2017)

Lu Bai and Jingyun Zhang

The digital distributed antenna system (DDAS) over Internet Protocol (IP) (2016)

Kenichi Nakanishi

Free-standing three-dimensional graphene network (2016)

Robert Nishida and Richard Görke

Air filter — ultraviolet electrostatic precipitator (UV-ESP) (2016)

Yuanbo Deng and Pawan Shrestha

Computer-generated holography with reduced zero order (2015)

CAPE Undergraduate IIB Award (CAUPA)

Rahul Swaminathan

High-voltage GaN/SiC brushless DC motor controller for solarelectric vehicles (2020)

Stanislaw Szymanowicz

Anomaly detection and explanation in videos (2020)

Georgios Batzolis

Image super-resolution using deep learning (2019)

Oliver Jones

Model localisation and terrain mapping for statistical analysis in table-top wargames (2019)

Billy Zhao

PImproving onshore wind farm site finding (2018)

Aidas Liaudanskas

Exploring explainable artificial intelligence by employing generative adversarial networks (GANs) (2017)

Henry Makings

EMulti-plate wet clutch modulation modelling and simulation for off-highway transmissions (2017)

Sam Willis

Lens for AMD vision recovery (2017)

Gareth Funk

Precise short-range control of a quadcopter in the presence of unknown disturbances (2016)

Edward Chalklen

Molecular transport through nanoporous single-layer graphene (2015)

David Walker

Model rocket guidance by canards (2015)

Jad Abi-Esber

Energy efficiency technologies for villages in LEDCs (2014)

Benjamin Moss

Predicting modes of instability for high-drag parachutes (2014)